Tips to Maintain Brain Health


It requires coordination, organization, and cause brain stimulation


Exercise can help the growth of new cells in the dentate gyrus and measured blood volume in the brain.


Breakfast with eggs ideal breakfast is eggs, because eggs contain vitamin B, which allows nerve cells to burn glucose, the main energy source of the brain

Good Sleep

Sleep with enough time.who slept for 7 hours showed significantly more brain activity


Reading is good for the brain activity, because it involves storing and retrieving information.


learning other languages seems to increase the density of gray matter in areas of the brain that regulate attention and memory

People got an average of 30 minutes of aerobic exercise five times a week over a year.

The importance of playing
Children love to play because it is fun and happiness for them, activities and make them rejoice. Playing is a common activity that is not limited to reality. However, children can play with his or her imagination, creativity and growing so they can exchange ideas and experiences. Activity play to contribute to the development of intelligence aspects of cognitive, emotional, social and physical as well as children.
Painting kids can help reveal feeling
Parents often teach their kids to read and write but rarely taught to paint or draw. Though painting can help children express their feelings. Kids generally love to draw, scribble or make a mark on the wall even paper using a pencil or crayon. Emotions Never used for drawing and painting can help children express their thoughts. This activity will encourage imaginative abilities that help the development of skill development.
Music makes kids smater
Various stimulation needs to be done to develop the intelligence of his brain. One of them is by listening to music, which is proven to affect brain development into adulthood later. During this time parents usually just focus on formal education such as schools for the ability to read, write, and count children. In fact, art education such as dance, music, and drama are also good for brain development.
Fresh Fruits - Improve Brain Quality
Eating fresh fruit has many benefits for the body.Strawberry or blueberry believed to be useful for brain health. Eating at least one apple a day. It is rich in antioxidants are good for the body's defenses. One glass of orange juice or a fresh citrus fruit, is the right food to start the day with zest. Tomatoes have a high content of lycopene. Avocado fruit is quite fatty.

Great hair will get you noticed, a great body will give you confidence but
a great brain is the strongest thing you have, so take care of it!

Extraordinary Abilities & Benefits

Outstanding Learning Capability


Amazing Imaging Skill


Exceptional Creativity


Speed Reading


High Speed Data Processing Skill


Better school result


Acute Observation


Super Listening



Of the many nutrients that you give to kids, do not forget to give this five mandatory nutrition. Here's a list of nutrients that should always be on baby food and family. Calcium - Bone growth Magnesium - Protective child's nervous system Vitamin D - Essential for bone growth Vitamin E - Boost the immune system boost the immune system Fiber - Cleanse the colon and reduce the risk of heart disease and diabetes.
The research revealed that many parents actually do not want to hit her, but I do not know another way that can be used to give a punishment to the child. Family Research Laboratory show, hitting children to teach children to use aggression and violent action to solve their problems Soothe Yourself. Relax and silent. Parents to use a little time for yourself(sports, reading or relaxing stroll etc.) Giving children choices including good alternative rather than hitting Consequences logically associated with an event that helps teach children responsibility.
Talking with children is a kind of art, it takes special techniques and methods. Communication that has long accumulated, closeness of relationship between the child and both parents. Parents can encourage kids to observe all sorts of things that are around us. children ask a question, we first must understand the meaning contained in it, and give answers. Understand the development of the child's status is very important