Who We Are

MiracleMBA to help children, recognize their hidden potential and talents...Make your Kids a Genius

Our Workshop

Join hands with MiracleMBA. make your child truly intelligent.

Super Secondary Development

Memory,Concentration,Confidence,Sixth sense, Grasping power,Logical thinking, EQ-IQ management,Creativity,Left/Right Brain balancing,Sub conscious mind power and Kids will become self dependent.

Mid Brain

Midbrain activation as known as Super secondary development. Balancing Left and Right Brain that means Logical and Emotional.

Speed Reading Course

Reading more in less time,taking control over your reading and reading with a sense of urgency

Photographic Memory

It strengthens the neural pathways of brain, increasing overall brain activity,reading speed,peripheral vision, focus and attention.

Eyes Closed Activities

Doing Sums /Drawings, Cycling, Walking, Hurdler crossing,Reading Paper/Book/currencey notes/ Serial numbers and Recognize Color/number/Shapes.


Learn Yoga and Increased muscle strength and tone.Improved respiration, energy and vitality.Maintaining a balanced metabolism.


Drawing Out 6 Special Innate Abilities

Superb Intuition Ability

Midbrain Activation ability is the active intuition.knowledge of abilities and how they work.

Photographic Ability

The photographic memory ability can be observed in brain damaged individuals with strongly functioning right brains.

Calculation Ability

Computer–like Calculation Ability. For enhancing mental calculation abilities among children through speed and accuracy

Perfect Pitch Music Ability

Music Makes Kids Smarter Brain. Music lessons have positive effects on children's brain development.

Multi Language Ability

learning other languages seems to increase the density of gray matter in areas of the brain that regulate attention and memory

Image Healing Ability

The imagery and sensory abilities of the right brain will be activated, then children can clearly see the brain images and then use the right brain to process information quickly