How Do You "Awake" The Mid Brain?

Children at birth and up to the age of about 5 years old, the mid brain is active. Beyond the age of 5, the mid brain development slows down and gradually become less active. So, how can you awaken the mid brain again? One of the most effective ways to activate the mid brain is to use sound waves.

In our 2 days Super Sensory Development Workshop, we let your kids have lots of fun!   Yes!   Tons and tons of fun.

Words from Dr Makoto

What Are The Benefits?

Character Improvement

Children became very cheerful, more active and very willing to participate any programs in Internal or outside competition.

Confidence and memory

Childrens became more confidence,focus and has shown interest in anything that she/he wants to accomplish

Better Creativity

He/She has developed an interest in art ,music, dance and some intellegence games like chess, puzzle and is very expressive in drawings.

Better Concentration

Childrens are more focused in his daily task and has seen a tremendous improvement in concentration. His/Her concentration level is increase very well.


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